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Dialect Woekbook on Bookstores

아안녕하세요 여러분! 텐바이텐 입고 소식을 전한 이후로 참 오랜만에 포스팅을 하는 것 같네요.

긴 겨울잠을 자고 일어나 서점에 책을 입고하였습니다.   겨울잠을 자고 있었지 죽어있던 것이 아닙니다! 실은 겨울잠 잔 게 아니고 겨울내내 여러 일로 바빴어서…

아무튼 봄을 맞이하여 이젠 제발 서점에 책 좀 넣자고 마음먹고, 오늘 홍대 [유어마인드] 입고했습니다.
그 외 서울에서는 책방무사,



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my house?

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Yeah, it’s not my house at all but perhaps would be mine 🙂

Living in Netherlands and seeing many pretty houses here, I’d really like to have my own house. It doesn’t have to be spacious nor have to be located in city center, but it has to have kind of energy which makes me feel alive.

I build up my desired house in virtual reality, anyway.

Here, my place now is not alive since there is no person whom I wish to live with in my place.

Wonder if I can live in that house with someone, someday…