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Since we were born, we have been together with our own death, like twins.

The death is always watching me, whenever, wherever I am.

It knows myself, it understands myself more than anyone does, and it is always with me even there is no one next to me.

How can my life be lonely?

Thank you, my death.


what is myself?

What is myself? what am I doing? where am I going?

Nobody knows who I am, where I’m going.


Someone can see I’m going to certain “direction” and say something about my direction.

Yes that’s really helpful advice to me. I need to listen other’s thought thoroughly, just as it is, as I see, as I listen…

But it’s only supplemental ingredient.

there is no need to rely on anyone, no expectation to get advice from anyone.


I just need to listen up,and open my mind, but remember that no one can give “solution” for me.

Good to believe..

.. that I’m a hero who is heading for happy ending in an adventure novel.


we can help our neighbors on our ways. even though it might be just silly way to cheer them up, it is what i can do for them…

Thinking in positive way

Yes, think i’m the most negative person among whom i’ve met before. Unhappiness, dissatisfaction, Inferiority complex.. all the negative things  come from corrupt point of view. The problem is that i donno how can i give a small change inside of myself even  i’ve known i’m too negative and sarcastic. so anxious to find my own way to be happy… where are the small pieces that i need…